London Riots | Bang to Riots!

London Riots | Bang to Riots!

London Riots | Bang to Riots
Bang to Riots | London Riots

While I don’t agree with violence as a way of getting results to a problem you may have, it seems the days of peaceful protest doesn’t work either, it gets ignored and falls along the wayside, or gets hi-jacked by criminals and looters who burn down hard working civilized peoples properties and business’s and steal tv’s, trainers and computers. The people ruining, I mean running our country only seem concerned about keeping the fat cats fat, and the top dogs top, but, really they should be investing in our communities, schools, hospitals our children and our futures! You can ignore a problem, but it won’t go away, you can ignore society and it will go astray, you can blame xbox generation, drugs, tv and sex, but make sure you include the governments and bankers with their self gratifying raises, 2nd houses, cutbacks, allowances and bonus cheques… the problems there, it’s there is no respect!


“‘Cohen” Aug, 2011

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