Music you Can’t Dance to…

TITLE : Music you can’t dance to…

ARTIST : Rob Cohen


YEAR : 2006

DETAILS : Created in pen & ink, from pencil sketch, 1st version, (Green, Grey, Cyan & Pink background) created for the “Bhuna” album “Music you can’t dance to…”, 12″ square canvas print,  which is roughly the same size as a vinyl record sleeve used to be, and is roughly 1″ thick, and printed on canvas and mounted on a wood frame with staples. this is a Limited Edition and prints are available in editions from 1 to 1,000, on a first come first served basis, 12″ box canvas prints are still available, 

Contact Me to make enquiries about turnaround times and availabilitiy. All prints come with a signed document containing details of the print and edition number included.

PRICE:£55.00 including postage within the UK, prices may vary for overseas shipping.






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