“My Arse Is Smaller Than A Kangaroo But Bigger Than A Penny Chew”

My arse is smaller than a kangaroo but bigger than a penny chew
Take a way the food from leaning quizeen and stack a cat baloo
And from a sticky back child you might find in a zoo
I hold a devils handset out to you
Muluxo milds pushed out my plum
And i got it back again by putting in my thumb
Fizzy gairy hairy daily grum
Playing backwards noise on a beetle drum
Acaraloaf of bread is microphoning me
With messages of love and tea
Is ta-loo-lah a humming needle thread
Expanding in a flame
Like a wing chicken lo-fi And exhaust pipe styley brain
For smoking bacon to the dozen
Like executing programme mains Surrender blocktop drazzle pain
With a progression of a tender chord Cleverly in a repetition
Like a tower mirror minding board
Cooking faulty basil Is like lucky like a mustang ford
Cloudy super stitching Misty in habitching
Aforkling exhibition
Brake fourth gear and listen
Can’t take the shine from glisten
Even with a rustifying kitchen
Bum chin actor Robert Michem
Chickens finger Action flickin.

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